Webdesign Service Lake Constance

Webdesign for Business, Organisations and Artists

We create user-friendly web pages in accordance with W3C-standards and with search engine optimized content.

We offer responsive webdesign for laptops smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, reliable updating and maintaining of your website on request and we perform improvements to the performance of your website

Our objective is to make your services or products available to many people and to present their quality appropriately on the Internet.

Our success is your success!

The quality of a website is always the result of enthusiasm, dedicated work, creativity, expertise and a good understanding of the product or service that it presents.

The way to a successful website:

Consulting & Briefing

Personal conversation with the customer to understand the company / organization and goals. Brainstorming. Presentation and discussion of ideas. The insights gained in this process enable us to provide appropriate advice.

Research & Planning

Again, in cooperation with the customer, it is now necessary to find out how the business or the organization can benefit from the online world. The instrument for this is market research and benchmarking, based on our experience.

Design the Content

Now we can develop the concept and design, with well-thought-out texts, the content characterizing images, suitable titles, matching menuames, slogans, summary texts, the meaningful and correct metadata.

Website Development

Based on the preparation described so far, the construction starts of the responsive website, whose design and content meets the different screen resolutions of desktop, tablets, smartphones and iPhones.

Search Engine Optimization

OnPage optimization includes the quality of the page content. (See design of contents). OffPage optimization includes the creation of qualitative backlinks. The use of social media plays an increasingly important role.

Social Media

Advice and guidance in online communication, building a brand, reputation and authority - web content maintenance - online PR / press. Supporting the sensible use of social media and paid advertising campaigns.

Some Projects

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