About me

Wilfried Zimmermann, Freelance Web Designer and Web Developer

Wilfried grew up in Stuttgart, southern Germany, where he was trained in drama teaching and curative education.

From 1976-1991 he was teaching drama and produced theatre plays in the Lake of Constance area.

From 1991 - 2002 he lived and worked in Northwest London, where he also studied Information Technology

Since 2003 he is living at the Lake of Constance again, creating websites for law firms, restaurants, organizations and social projects in Germany, Vietnam and the USA in German and English language.

Wilfried loves traveling and getting to know other cultures and people. He gathered a wealth of experience and insight into the various possibilities to live on this Planet. He sees the Internet as an opportunity to bring people together, networking around the globe. Wilfried enjoys sailing on Lake Constance, it taught him something that is wonderfully expressed in the following quote:

"The shortest way is not always the straight one, but the one with the best wind to swell our sails."

Friedrich Nietzsche, German Philosopher, 1844-1900